Frequently Asked Questions on Wheelie Bin Cleaning and Commercial Bin Cleaning.

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Q: Why should I have my bin professionally cleaned?

A: Just hosing out a wheelie bin or industrial bin is not sufficient to remove or kill the bacteria breeding ‘bad guys’. BinCare’s professional service will give you peace of mind and protection for your home, your family (and pets), and if you have a business, your staff and your customers. Whatever your circumstance BinCare’s got you covered.

Q: How often should my domestic wheelie bin be cleaned?

A: BinCare has been providing bin hygiene services since 1995 and are able to say with authority that fortnightly is the happy medium and provides excellent results.

Q: Will you be using harsh or hazardous chemicals?

A: All cleaning products undergo extensive evaluation before we use them. BinCare use only non-hazardous, biodegradable, environmentally safe and AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) approved cleaning products.

Q: Is BinCare Australia covered by license and insurance?

A: BinCare is a professional outfit focused on fulfilling Australian Industry Standards. All staff and equipment are appropriately licensed and fully insured.

Q: The domestic bin cleaning service is pre-paid. What happens if I move house?

A: Please provide as much notice as possible. If you move house and remain within BinCare’s service reach they will transfer the service to your new address. If you move outside of their reach they will refund any credit balance on your account.

Q: I’m a business owner with all different types of bins. I’m not sure of health requirements. Do you give free on-site advice and quotes? Do you clean the bins on-site?

A: Everybody’s situation is unique. BinCare understands this and they take pride in their ability to respond personally and attend on-site to every request for assistance or quotation. BinCare’s units are all purpose designed and self contained. They clean all bins on-site.

Q: Can you provide commercial bin cleaning services if required during the night or over the weekend?

A: Yes, we can and do. All that is required is reasonable notice.

Q:What if I have hundreds of bins to clean?

A: No problem. With a reasonable amount of notice BinCare can organise for a number of their units to attend at one time to ensure the job is completed as quickly as possible with the least amount of interruption in your workplace.

Q: Do you use recycled water?

A: No, The risk of cross contamination is too great. Used bin cleaning water is considered regulated waste and needs to be disposed of correctly.  We clean bins at hospitals, child care centres, aged care facilities, food processing plants, cafes and kitchens where the purest water is required for cleaning. We use clean drinkable tap water and DO NOT try to filter and recycle someone else’s dirty smelly bin water to wash your bin.

Q: What areas do you currently service?

A: BinCare currently offers their service throughout Brisbane, Logan City, Toowoomba, Redlands Shire, Northern Gold Coast and Beaudesert. We also offer specialist services in other south-east Queensland regions.

Q: How do I contact you to place my order?

A: Just go to our contacts page and call the number best suited to your location. You can also leave a message on the contact us page.

Please feel free to call and chat with one of the friendly BinCare Professionals.