Use these handy bin cleaning tips in conjunction with the professional BinCare service.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the new hygienic look and smell of your rubbish bin.

  • Store your rubbish bin in a clean and clear area away from trees, shrubbery, or any type of loose rubbish.
  • Store your bin in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat.
  • Pay attention to tell-tale signs of vermin such as, cockroaches, mice etc. Take appropriate and timely steps to ensure effective pest control in bin areas.
  • Securely bag or wrap rubbish likely to decay, become odorous or attract flies and vermin. Seafood, such as prawns, in bins in the sun, can really make life very interesting.
  • In all situations possible it is ‘best practice’ to place left over meats and similar edibles in the freezer and only put them in your bin the day it is emptied.
  • Grass clippings are a no-no and provide a perfect, warm and moist breeding environment for all the bacteria ‘Bad Guys’.
  • Don’t place harmful substances such as chemicals, solvents, used engine oils, paints or other similar hazardous or damaging waste in your rubbish bin. They harm us, our equipment and the environment.
  • Conserve water and take good care of the environment. Please don’t hose debris from your wheelie bin or industrial bin where the waste water or chemicals you use is likely to find its way into our precious waterways via street gutters or stormwater channels. Call us – we’ll look after your bin hygiene and take special care of the environment as well.

If you have any concerns at all about ‘best practice’ for your particular situation, or would like further information about our bin cleaning service generally, please call us. Whether you are a customer or not we are only too happy to give you our best advice and assistance.