Discover Why Body Corporate Bin Care is an Essential Service

Have you ever considered the potential benefits for your body corporate that bin care can provide? Ensuring that the residents of the property can enjoy a hygienic space to live is essential, and rubbish bins can be a serious and problematic source of germs. Week in and week out, residents toss bags of rubbish and food waste into these bins that sit outside often for days before waste service providers come around to empty them. That means that germs have plenty of time to develop and grow — and they don’t get thrown away with the rest of the rubbish, either. At BinCare Australia, we’ve developed an innovative solution that delivers fast, competent body corporate bin care no matter how many residents you have on-site.

Problems That Body Corporate Bin Cleaning Can Address for Your Apartment Building

Is cleaning out the bins that important? In a word: yes. Periodic sanitisation of these objects can help you to address several problems that may arise in a multifamily residence such as an apartment building. With our intensive cleaning services, we can address concerns such as:

  • Persistent unpleasant or foul odours emanating from rubbish bins or their storage areas. Many containers go months or even years without an in-depth cleaning — so it’s no wonder they smell so bad. Our thorough cleansing methods eliminate those odours.
  • Problems with pests and vermin attempting to rummage through or make a home of the bins even after collection.
  • Complaints from residents about filthy bins, or mishaps from “DIY” cleaning attempts. The wastewater from bin washing can carry all kinds of pathogens and should undergo careful disposal. Our services ensure residents don’t give the Bad Guys an accidental advantage.

With regular cleaning, you can enjoy fresher bins, fewer odours, and happier residents — all thanks to one cost-effective service.

The Benefits of Our Bin Care for an Apartment Building

Why choose our help instead of trying to go the “DIY” route for bin care? There are many advantages we bring to the table for our clients, including benefits such as:

  • Cleaner, more hygienic storage areas near bins with fewer foul odours. Fortnightly cleaning ensures that containers don’t have time to accumulate filth and grime.
  • Show residents evidence of an engaged and proactive body corporate management team. Clean, better-smelling bins are a benefit everyone throughout the property can enjoy.
  • Tackle everything simultaneously. Our capabilities enable us to provide bin cleaning services for even considerable numbers in one visit with appropriate advance notice. Allow us to take care of this important task on a regular schedule for your body corporate.

Why BinCare Australia is a Cost-Effective Option

With years of experience and an established fleet of fully equipped bin cleaning vehicles, BinCare Australia has everything necessary to scale to meet your needs — no matter what they are. As a result, we can offer a service that aligns with the budgetary concerns of many body corporate managers throughout our service area. Discover the benefits of our service contracts when you contact us today.