Moving out of a rental property can be a stressful time! Even if you have been meticulous and cared for the property as if it were your own, there are often little things that are missed when completing a bond clean. One of these things is cleaning the humble wheelie bin.

Queensland heat and rubbish don’t mix well together. The Residential Tenancies Authority states that in order to have your bond refunded, you need to leave the property in the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy. Bin cleaning is one thing that is often forgotten about, and is a key reason for bond refunds being delayed. Most real estate agencies require all rubbish bins to be emptied, cleaned out and disinfected. This includes the cleaning wheelie bins as well.

To ensure that your bond is refunded promptly, Bincare has prepared a list of ten things that could easily be missed when completing your bond clean!

1. Walls – spots, marks, blutac etc.
2. Sliding door runners, window tracks and runners
3. Inside high cupboards
4. Oil spots on driveways
5. Tops of ceiling fans
6. Curtains and blinds
7. Inside exhaust fans
8. Air conditioners
9. Oven range hood filters
10. Wheelie bin cleaning!

It is always good to check what your real estate requires and if there are any disputes, refer to your entry report for the condition of the property before you moved in. If you fail to clean something that was required, the landlord is entitled to take the cost of the cleaning from your bond.

Bincare will ensure that your bins are in spotless condition. Contact us today!