Last year, for the first time ever, more apartments were built in Brisbane than houses. This trend is expected to continue and more and more people are living in apartments. So what does this have to do with bins? Well… where does all of their rubbish go when it’s dropped down the chute in a high rise?

Usually to a basement… where it lurks in bins waiting until they are collected. Once it’s down there the tenants are blissfully unaware of their decomposing meat scraps, rotten fruit and stinky leftovers.

BinCare recommends:

  • Securely bagging or wrapping rubbish likely to decay, become odorous or attract flies and vermin. Seafood, such as prawns, should be left until bin collection day to be placed in the bin.
  • In all situations possible it is ‘best practice’ to place left over meats and similar edibles in the freezer and only put them in your bin the day it is emptied.
  • Grass clippings are a no-no and provide a perfect, warm and moist breeding environment for all the bacteria ‘Bad Guys’.
  • Not placing harmful substances such as chemicals, solvents, used engine oils, paints or other similar hazardous or damaging waste in your rubbish bin. They are harmful.

But in an apartment block, these recommendations are not always followed. What makes it worse is if this area is a combined space and also used for car parking or storing cleaning equipment. The tenants don’t know, or care that the basement smells so appalling that the paint is peeling off the walls!

Even after the bins are emptied they often have a fragrant liquid left in the bottom that we like to call ‘bin juice’ – not to be confused with orange juice. The weather is warming up and the harsh Brisbane heat won’t do any favours for stinky bins.

If you manage an apartment block, own units or town houses, or are on a body corporate then the responsibility of cleaning these bins probably falls on you. And let’s be honest, you don’t want to clean them, do you? Just hosing out a wheelie bin or industrial bin is not sufficient to remove or kill the bacteria breeding ‘bad guys’. So, the bin juice stays there, week after week, month after month and very quickly the cockroaches, rats and mice decide to call the bins home. It’s not ideal but it’s just another thing to add to the list, right after maintaining the gardens, organising the fences to be painted, pool cleaning, air conditioning maintenance… the list goes on.

Your time is precious and so are your dollars. This is where we step in. Regardless of size BinCare cleans your bins on-site, where they stand. There is no mess and no fuss. Our service is very affordable and is highly effective. It is healthy and environmentally safe. Your investment is dependent on bin size, regularity of service, accessibility, the number of bins and type of industrial application.

Please call one of our friendly BinCare Representatives to give you a firm quote and assist with your decision for your particular needs. As with all other services BinCare provides, we’ll work hard to deliver a price that is attractive and which allows you to keep your bins hygienically clean, smelling fresh and safe.

BinCare’s professional service will give you peace of mind and protection for your tenants… and one less thing to tick off your list.